Why You Think Your Leads From Advertising Are Bad (They’re Actually Not)

Written by Dave Pancham on March 7th 2019
Have you ever done marketing on facebook or yelp? Have you ever noticed the difference between the kind of person that comes into your fitness facility from these forms of advertising and the person that’s a referral? The leads from advertising just aren’t as good, right? Wrong. They are just different and it comes down to the customer’s psychology. 

What Makes Referrals & Walk-Ins Great

The person that is a referral or a walk-in has already done a tremendous amount of self-evaluation. They may or may not already be exercising, but they definitely not getting the results they desire. This person has either researched gyms or is aware of your facility already through some form of word of mouth or display advertising. Eventually, this person decides to take action and calls up your facility or comes in with a friend. This process can take weeks, months, even years for some, but when that person comes in they are psychologically ready and wanting change. 

Why Leads From Advertising Are Different

Instead of it taking weeks, months, or even years to get that person’s foot in the door, marketing can cut that down to just a few days, but the customer has not gone through that same psychological process, so when they walk in the door they are generally more indecisive and not sure what they really want. They saw a deal or an advertisement that piqued their interest, so they came in. They would like change too but they aren’t as committed or even have a clear understanding of why they haven’t gotten the results they have been looking for. 

The Solution

This is where the importance of effective consultations comes in. You need to have a conversation with this person that involves you speaking only 20% of the time and mostly asking questions. When you ask the right questions you can take that person who came in from one of your ads who was just interested in a deal and help move them to the psychological point of wanting change and seeing your facility as the vehicle to help them get there. The conversation needs to revolve around where are they now, where would they like to be, why haven’t they achieved that goal in the past, and what will achieving that do for them. When done right, this conversation will effectively help move a person to the point of making a clear decision of whether or not it is time to make a change in their life. 

Dave Pancham

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