Why A Fitness Business Is DOOMED If It Relies On Referrals
Written by Dave Pancham on Feb. 12th 2019
Let me tell you a story. 

Mike opened up a brand--spanking--NEW CrossFit gym 3 months ago.... 

...He launched the gym with a killer social media buzz which allowed him to sign up 105 members at $100 per month (10,500k per month in revenue). His monthly overhead costs are 10k per month, so he only made a measly $500 in profit.  

But that initial buzz died off. 

In February, 10 people QUIT and only 3 new people joined, putting Mike at 98 active members.

**Dang new year’s resolution crowd is falling off.**

Mike LOST $200 that month!!

Even WORSE, in March, 8 people quit, and only 3 joined. Only 93 active members! 

In March, Mike is going to LOSE $700!!

~Mike is deathly STRESSED. He’s doubting himself.~

He's posting on IG and Facebook EVERY DAY, generates RAVING reviews on Yelp, and is handing out guest passes like a blackjack dealer. 

...but there’s NO WAY he can survive at this rate!

Mike’s problem is that he has NO WAY to bring in customers AT WILL. He has NO PROCESS for taking a person from complete stranger who knows nothing about his gym to a new paying member. 

In fact, he has committed the #1 SIN in business, he has NO IDEA how much it costs to acquire a new member!

His expertise is fitness, NOT business. 

Now, he feels like he is just spinning his wheels. 

Mike NEEDS a way that he can spend X amount of dollars and produce Y amount memberships. 

Mike NEEDS a predictable system like the one I implement for my clients. 

If YOU or someone you know sounds like Mike, let’s have a chat. 

Dave Pancham

Dave Pancham helps studio and gym owners to predictably increase membership sign ups by implementing proven systems for growth. 

If you're interested in getting more clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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