How To Bring In New Clients Today For Free
Written by Dave Pancham on Jan 8th 2019
Are you always trying to figure out how to get more new clients in the door? What if I told you that you were already sitting on a gold mine of new clients that would require you to spend ZERO dollars on advertising?

Where The New Customer Gold Mine Is

It’s all in your current customer base. When was the last time that you sent out an email or text message to your current members to ask them how are they doing on their fitness journey? I urge you to have a conversation with them. Ask them how are they liking the facility, how has their progress been, what would they like to see improved at the gym. You should be doing this at least once a month so you develop a deeper rapport with your clients and improve their retention. 

Every time you have this chat with them make sure to ask them if they know anyone, friend of family member that they would like to workout with, and that you would be happy to offer them a free 3-7 day trial pass. If you have a good relationship with your clientele many members will be more than happy to bring a friend in. 

How To Make The Gold Mine Even Bigger

Reach out to your old clients and ask them how they are doing on their fitness journey, ask for feedback on the gym. Simply reaching out to these people and expressing concern over their fitness journey can go a long way and help motivate those who have fallen off the wagon to get back on. Then tell them if they bring a friend in with them you can give them both a week free trial. 


Many times the easiest way to get new clients in the door isn’t to go out looking for them, it’s go in and look for them. 

Dave Pancham

Dave Pancham helps studio and gym owners to predictably increase membership sign ups by implementing proven systems for growth. 

If you're interested in getting more clients then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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